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전체보기 한빛사논문 추천논문 상위피인용논문 그이후 한빛사통계
Robust Hydroxyapatite Coating by Laser‐Induced Hydrothermal Synthesis
Adv. Funct. Mater.  |  2020.10.28
Spatial organization of functional clusters representing reward and movement information in the striatal direct and indirect pathways
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA  |  2020.10.27
Microfluidic Cell Stretching for Highly Effective Gene Delivery into Hard-to-Transfect Primary Cells
ACS Nano  |  2020.10.26
Are FDA-Approved Sunscreen Components Effective in Preventing Solar UV-Induced Skin Cancer?
Cells  |  2020.10.26
Intratesticular Peptidyl Prolyl Isomerase 1 Protein Delivery Using Cationic Lipid-Coated Fibroin Nanoparticle Complexes Rescues Male Infertility in Mice
ACS Nano  |  2020.10.23
Comprehensive quantification of fuel use by the failing and nonfailing human heart
Science  |  2020.10.21
A Novel Locus for Exertional Dyspnea in Childhood Asthma
Eur. Resp. J.  |  2020.10.19
The Statistical Structure of the Hippocampal Code for Space as a Function of Time, Context, and Value
Cell  |  2020.10.19
Phylogenomic analysis sheds light on the evolutionary pathways towards acoustic communication in Orthoptera
Nat. Commun.  |  2020.10.19
Overlapping Activities of ELAV/Hu Family RNA Binding Proteins Specify the Extended Neuronal 3′ UTR Landscape in Drosophila
Mol. Cell  |  2020.10.15
In vivo self-degradable graphene nanomedicine operated by DNAzyme and photo-switch for controlled anticancer therapy
Biomaterials  |  2020.10.14
The mosaic genome of indigenous African cattle as a unique genetic resource for African pastoralism
Nat. Genet.  |  2020.10.08
Persistent Activity of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 in the Periaqueductal Gray Constrains Emergence of Chronic Neuropathic Pain
Curr. Biol.  |  2020.10.07
Glutamine Metabolism Controls Stem Cell Fate Reversibility and Long-Term Maintenance in the Hair Follicle
Cell Metab.  |  2020.10.07
Fully integrated optofluidic SERS platform for real-time and continuous characterization of airborne microorganisms
Biosens. Bioelectron.  |  2020.10.06
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