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DNA기반 백신 의약품관련 후보물질의 개발 및 생산 전략[GenScript Probio]
Mark Wei
   2022년 11월 1일 (화) 오후 2시 (한국시간)
   Mark Wei (GenScript Probio)
세미나 개요
Since the outbreaks of COVID-19, DNA vaccines are promising in the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine race although they have a new platform technology that was not previously available on the market for human use. DNA vaccines can be designed and produced within few days after obtaining the genome sequence of the pathogen or nucleotide sequence of cancer antigens. And India's drug regulator has approved ZyCoV-D, the first DNA vaccine against COVID-19 for emergency use. However, the novel technology platforms and novel development paradigms may increase the risks associated with injecting an approved vaccine, requiring careful evaluation of safety. Thus, how to ensure the quality of plasmid from the source is the key point to meet the strict requirements of DNA vaccines and drugs.

Topic abstract (토픽)
1. DNA based vaccine/Drug MKT Trend (DNA 기반 백신/의약품 MKT 동향)
2. Plasmid Development and manufacturing strategy (플라스미드 개발 및 제조 전략)
3. Plasmid platform in GenScript ProBio: 20 IND approvals in CN, AP, EU and US (GenScript ProBio의 플라스미드 플랫폼: CN, AP, EU 및 미국에서 20개의 IND 승인)

DNA based vaccine (DNA 백신) / Drug, Manufacturing Strategy(생산전략), Quality Control (QC)
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