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The MACSima Imaging Platform : 단일 시료에서 수백 개의 마커를 동시에 분석할 수 있는 이미징 시스템 [밀테니바이오텍코리아]
   2022년 11월 23일 (수) 오후 2시 (한국시간)
   강경이 (Miltenyi Biotec)
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The MACSima Imaging Platform : 단일 시료에서 수백 개의 마커를 동시에 분석할 수 있는 이미징 시스템
The MACSima™ Imaging Platform : High-content imaging platform with unlimited protein markers on one sample in one experiment

MACSima™는 형광 현미경을 기반으로 한 Ultrahigh content imaging platform으로 단일 시료에서 수백 개의 마커를 동시에 분석할 수 있는 system입니다. 해당 세미나에서는 MACSima Imaging System의 원리인 MICS (MACSima Imaging Cyclic Staining)에 대해 다루며, MICS technology를 이용한 형광 기반 이미징을 통해 분석 가능한 응용 분야에 대해 살펴보고자 합니다.

The MACSima™ Imaging System is a fully automated ultrahigh-content imaging system based on fluorescence microscopy. It uses its MICS (MACSima Imaging Cyclic Staining) technology, where iterative staining cycles with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies are used to acquire microscopy data for hundreds of markers without harming the sample. By providing a range of different sample carriers the MACSima can image all kinds of fixed samples, including tissue sections, adherent cells as well as suspension cells. The MACSima is an integrated instrument that is easy-to-use without any expert knowledge needed. The MACSima will come with an operational software that will help you in all steps of experiment planning and execution, and for data analysis we offer our comprehensive, intuitive and very powerful MACS iQ View analysis software. By combining the MACSima Imaging System with a huge portfolio of validated Miltenyi Biotec antibodies, sample carriers for all kinds of samples, and software options that will help you from experiment planning all the way to the analysis of your data, we offer a platform solution that is unrivaled in the field of high-content imaging.

Ultra-high Multiplex Imaging, Spatial Biology, Deep Phenotyping

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