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Key parameters and tips for ELISA kit development!
Tan, Hui Foon
Tan, Hui Foon (GenScript)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기  |  2022.03.31
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is highly specific, sensitive and stabilized kit to detect and quantify a specific target antigen. It has been widely used as a diagnostic tool in many different areas for example In vitro diagnostics, therapeutic drug checking, agricultural diagnostics, animal and plant disease diagnosis and food safety
GenScript provides customized ELISA kit generation service. Our developed ELISA kit enables reliable detection and quantitation based on customers’ given unique antigen through extensive assay development, optimization and validation. In today talk, I will discuss the background of ELISA kit, the applications of different ELISA kits, key parameters for ELISA kit development and case studies from our GenScript customized ELISA kits.
본 동영상의 Citation 복사
조회 2725    주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 
기업 기술세미나
정현우(BD 코리아, Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.01.19
Chengxun Su(GenScript)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.01.20
Chun-Yao Lee(자연과학, Eurofins Discovery)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.02.15
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.02.24
김선희(BD 코리아, 가톨릭관동대학교)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.03.08
김선영(Cell Signaling Technology Inc.)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.03.17
구현석(Molecular Devices Korea LLC)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.03.22
김예슬(BD 코리아, 국립암센터)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.03.22
Tan, Hui Foon(GenScript)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.03.31
Chen Li(GenScript ProBio)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.04.14
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.05.17
Mac Hopkins(벡톤디킨슨코리아)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.06.03
이길제(Bio-Medical Science, Akoya Biosciences)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.06.15
Guilhem Tourniaire(SCIENION, Cellenion)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.06.21
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.06.23
장윤희, 유봉상(IDT Korea, Molecular Devices Korea)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.06.24
Alastair King(Eurofins Discovery)
2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2022.06.14
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2022 BRIC 세미나 상반기 - Sessions
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